September is Alzheimer’s and dementia month and to raise awareness of this, we’ve outlined some of the most interesting, important, and helpful articles and resources available.

At TP Signs, we work closely with care homes and the care industry to create helpful, and often vital, wayfinding signage. It’s important for us to stay up to date on the changes that happen within the dementia community, so we can continue to produce effective signage that aids communities.

World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer’s Day falls on Friday 21st September 2018 and there are hundreds of ways you can get involved. See the official Alzheimer’s Society website for more information on great ideas on fundraising, offering support, and becoming more aware of dementia within your community.

Click on this link for details on how to get involved in World Alzheimer’s Day

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How to aid prevention

The Mirror newspaper offers this useful article on how research is aiding prevention of Alzheimer’s and what can be done to keep a healthy and active mind.

Women and Alzheimer’s

This important and crucial video shows how dementia and Alzheimer’s in women cannot be ignored, especially when women are more likely to develop the disease. Research is still ongoing as to why women are more at risk, which is why it’s so important to raise awareness and continue offering support in whatever form we can.

Rainbow Memory Café

This dementia group have created their own cafe, helping LGBT+ people living with the disease. They’ll be celebrating a year of being open in October of this year.

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Alzheimer’s in marketing

It’s no secret that even charities need to market themselves in order to make people aware of the message they’re trying to convey. The Drum has chosen their top ten adverts that have been most effective in driving awareness of dementia.

Imperial College London

It’s great to see so much dementia research being completed in the UK, especially by one of the top educational institutions (alongside the University of Cambridge, Cardiff University, University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, and UCL). See what research they’ve been working on here.

Dementia Friends

You can provide support to people living with dementia in the UK by becoming a Dementia Friend. Whether you simply learn more about the disease or begin visiting those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, there are plenty of steps you can take to start helping.

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