Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signage

Product Details

Our acrylic signs are manufactured from a high-quality cast acrylic clear sheet, suitable for a wide variety of graphical and industrial applications. Easy to handle and fabricate, it has a high molecular weight, making it very rigid and less prone to cracking and crazing than extruded acrylic. We have the capability to print direct onto acrylic or a high-resolution digital print can be applied to the rear to incorporate any design, text, branding or logo, creating a sign that is long-lasting and durable.

Technical Features:
* Very high light transmission
* Manufactured to high tolerance ensuring constant sheet thickness
* Greater impact resistance than glass – non-shatter
* Hygienic – easy to clean and abrasion resistant
* High resistance to discolouration and weathering (10 year UV guarantee)
* Good resistance to most common chemicals
* Easy handling – half the weight of glass
* Fully recyclable
* Easy to shape into creative designs
* Fire rating: BS476 Part 7: Class 3; (3mm and above)