Young people today absorb and discard information across multiple platforms at a phenomenal rate. So, communicating with ‘Generation Z’ requires educational signage that is instantly engaging, vivid and memorable.

If that sounds like an expensive undertaking, it needn’t be. Signs that combine supergraphics with imaginative use of colour and text can deliver immediate visual impact, without spending a fortune.

Forward-thinking schools are increasingly integrating branded concepts into their educational environments.

They understand the need to replace dull, cluttered signage with fresh, compelling signs that help create an inclusive and vibrant environment for students. If schools are the manufacturers and education is their product, branding is the link between product and place. Generation Z will be attracted to an educational environment with signage that plugs into their life experiences through graphics and social connections.

This is a far cry from traditional educational signage that was pretty much an afterthought, all too often resulting in schools or universities using hotchpotch, off-putting and sometimes downright confusing signs.

Renewing a school’s main signage can produce a sense of integration, clarity and engagement that will capture and hold the attention of students, staff, parents and visitors.

You can project your school’s brand and values by using imaginative yet practical signage that tells people how to get to where they want to go.

Quality educational signage includes well-located signs welcoming people to the school. First impressions are clearly crucial, so you need to portray your school and its logo with signage that engages and inspires students, parents and visitors at first sight.

It is also important that outdoor wayfinding signs give straightforward information on key locations such as the school office, reception area, and drop off points. Similarly, internal signs should enable students to get to classes, dining areas and sports facilities easily and confidently, without needing to do a double-take or backtrack.

Inspiring educational signage goes beyond clarity, brevity and effective wayfinding to project the ethos of a school or university in a way that helps young people to understand its values and vision.

Today’s young people have never had more choice about which school, college or university to attend. Using branded signage will give potential students an immediate and direct first impression of your educational environment and its easy-to-use infrastructure.

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