Effective signage is critical to any business in developing a sound, solid and sustainable foundation for successful branding, advertising and customer recognition. A creative, attractive sign can help your business easily stand out against the competition.

During recent years, signage has evolved and there has been an increase in the use of digital signage. So, why should you still opt for traditional signage in our increasingly digital world?

Brand identity

Signage is essential in building brand visibility and increasing customer awareness. By using traditional signage businesses can create a distinctive and memorable brand to differentiate from the competition, whilst also increasing customer recognition. We can help bring your brand to life with our wealth of experience gained since we began trading in 1929.

High impact

The professionalism and quality of your business is quickly judged by many customers based on the first impression given by your company’s signage. Your business can make an instant and memorable impression with a distinct style provided by the wealth of choice provided with traditional signage. We offer a wide range of products and styles to ensure your business makes an instant and lasting impression.

Cost effective

Most traditional signage is less expensive to set-up and provides an effective, low-tech approach that can answer most businesses’ needs. By opting for traditional signage, the financial outlay can be far lower than the cost of digital screens, enclosures and the cost of any repairs the digital sign may need due to vandalism, bad weather or a list of other possible mishaps.

Low maintenance

Traditional signs are produced using durable and long-lasting materials which require minimum maintenance as opposed to expensive update and support charges for digital media. Plus, physical signs can be easily moved to different locations without the added hassle of electrical connections often required for digital signage.

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