We all like to get it right first time.

Getting a signage scheme right first time will reduce the chances of missing items or making unnecessary journeys and there are a few simple but easily overlooked tips that can help.

Don’t wait until the paint is dry on your refurb or new build before thinking about signs.

Talking to us about your plans during a build or renovation can help identify the needs for items like power supplies or hidden fixing points that may be added more affordably during a build. We’re happy to work with your architect to minimise later re-working at the sign install stage.

Book a free survey

“Measure twice and cut once” – we say it almost every day. We’re experienced at surveying a site to spot all requirements and measure locations for signs. It’s also when we’ll discuss the possible install issues and start to work out schedules. We frequently spot a need for signage that may have been overlooked but we’ll also say if we think we could omit a sign and still deliver a cohesive plan to meet your needs.

Pass on your branding details

If you have brand assets and guidelines we’ll adopt them and work to that specification. We’ll work with your designers to fully translate your brand values into the signage programme. Where no predefined branding plan exists we’re more than capable of developing a custom proposal.

Agree the plan before fabrication

We’ll prepare a detailed specification document identifying all the signs that are planned for your scheme. It may also include installation notes and specify if your input is required to achieve the plan. We’ll revise it as required until you’re happy that it covers all the signs you need. Once that’s signed off it becomes the go-to document for our fabricators and fitters.

Prepare the site

We’ll bring everything needed for an install but a bit of basic site preparation can save a headache on fitting day. Parked cars are the number one problem when trying to access an exterior sign location with a cherry picker. There’s usually no need to clean surfaces like glazing if we’re applying manifestations – we’ll take care of that.

If you would like any assistance or advise on a signage scheme for your development, why not give the office a call on 01772-251520 and speak to one of the team.
E-mail: info@tpsigns.co.uk